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Organize 500k data records using propstream and REISIFT(For a real estate company)

Job Posted: 13.10.2021 22:30:55 We are a real estate wholesaling and investment company located out of United States. Currently we have over 500k+ records(unorganized) in just one of our operating state. Ideal candidate should know how to leverage Propstream and REISift to organize and better our data. Also, be able to create system processes that […]

Someone proficient in Microsoft Excel to help with formulas for a spreadsheet

Job Posted: 11.10.2021 20:16:58 I am looking for someone proficient in Microsoft Excel to help me add data, and score the data so that it calculates it and turns it into a score. Project Length Less than 1 month Hours Needed Less than 30 hrs/week Fixed Price To start you need register at Upwork, apply […]

Data processor with deep knowledge of SDGs needed

Job Posted: 09.10.2021 20:16:05 Assessing the SDGs progress for a small African country. NornGuest Ventures has been hired as an extern consultant by another company, whom have been contracted by the government of a small African country to make a digital data-platform geo-tagging and evaluating several social economic sectors in the entire country. Sectors including: […]

Merge Two Excel Workbooks – Intelligently

Job Posted: 25.09.2021 22:14:37 I am performing a call center assessment. I have two workbooks attached to this job post. I need them merged into one workbook. I don’t just want sheets transferred – I want an intelligent thought process behind the merge. No duplicate questions, or sheets. Some sheets can be combined so need […]

Migrate data from JazzHR to Greenhouse

Job Posted: 25.09.2021 0:34:21 We’re moving applicant tracking systems. We currently use JazzHR and are moving to Greenhouse. We need help moving our 10,000+ candidates in JazzHR into Greenhouse. How to do this is outlined in the below articles. Incredible attention to detail and data mapping skills are required. Importing into Greenhouse https://support.greenhouse.io/hc/en-us/articles/360053674012-Bulk-import-candidates-from-spreadsheet Exporting our […]

Excel wizard to categorize Items/payments into a new spreadsheet

Job Posted: 15.09.2021 0:32:34 Hello, I have one years worth of payments in Excel that need to be categorized. It was pulled directly from Square and should be a simple job for an Excel professional. Project Length Less than 1 month Hours Needed Less than 30 hrs/week Hourly Price $15.00-$100.00 To start you need register […]

Data entry, spreadsheet wizard needed for event ticketing

Job Posted: 12.09.2021 7:45:59 We are a event ticketing software provider. Users of our app can form groups and our job is to ensure that all groups are sitting together during an event. We have a pool of seats to choose from. We have CSV reports generated for: – Groups and the group sizes – […]

Data compilation using Excel Spreadsheet

Job Posted: 29.08.2021 23:20:10 I have series of data collected weekly in an excel sheet. Trying to compile and do basic statistical analysis. Project Length Less than 1 month Hours Needed Less than 30 hrs/week Hourly Price $9.00-$30.00 To start you need register at Upwork, apply now. Its free! This and other jobs await your […]

Need someone who can do multiple data entry in single form and then specific details to each sheet

Job Posted: 29.08.2021 0:12:12 We have a subscription based food business and we have every day customers sending us their details I want to add the data in a single sheet but it will go to three different files or sheets main list where all entry is there the kitchen list where only the name, […]

Office Excel Expert

Job Posted: 23.08.2021 5:06:29 Looking for MS Excel experts who can do the following: Update sheet headers to uniform one Clean up records (consolidate duplicates, clean up number format, concatenate fields etc. Enable Macros for easier data update using forms Mark entries that need additional action Total of 30-40 sheets only with 2000- 30,000 records […]