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Build a data list with multiple categories of luxury real estate agents across the world

Job Posted: 24.02.2021 14:45:32 I am looking for someone who is detail driven and able go put an efficient data list together of the worlds Luxury Real Estate agents. Individuals not companies. The datasets need to including the following information: Full Name Title Sex Male – Female Name of company / Or are they a […]

Data Entry Specialist Needed In Our Firm

Job Posted: 24.02.2021 14:20:03 The services of a data entry operator is needed at our new branch, the position is expected to last 1- 3 months. Job responsibilities include inputting data into databases and keeping record of companies assets. The expected must have good computer skills, especially with MS Excel. Project Length 1 to 3 […]

Data entry based on article content

Job Posted: 24.02.2021 13:41:48 Dear freelancers, We are recruiting a couple data entry specialists in order to list “tags” that correspond to the content of articles on our website. Our website has a custom search feature that is displaying the articles based on the “tags” or “keywords” used by the users. Process and example: – […]

Need for professional Data Entry operator

Job Posted: 24.02.2021 13:21:18 Hi Freelancers, I have a spread sheet in which I have my Purchase record from 2016 and on word, I need someone who can organize all the data separately on quarter bases and link all the sheets with each other to see difference in stock form quarter to quarter. further detail […]

Data entry for {​type of data entry or your company name}​

Job Posted: 24.02.2021 12:29:40 About us: {​Description of your company and type of data entry work needed}​ We’re looking for an experienced data entry specialist to transfer data into our main database. We anticipate that this project will require {​#}​ hours per week for {​#}​ weeks. Deliverables: – Transfer invoices and customer data into our […]

Need a secretary with good English. Long-term work. Working from home. Good payment.

Job Posted: 24.02.2021 11:40:00 Need a secretary with good English. Long-term work, 6 days a week, 12 hours a day. Working from home. You need a computer, internet and a mobile phone. Good payment. You can work even more than 6 months. Project Length More than 6 months Hours Needed 30+ hrs/week Hourly Price $3.00-$300.00 […]

A project of UNICEF on media Monitoring for polio eradication efforts in Pakistan (Research)

Job Posted: 24.02.2021 10:09:58 1. MEDIA MONITOR AT APEX CONSULTING PAKISTAN. • A project of UNICEF on media Monitoring for polio eradication efforts in Pakistan (Research) And I responsible daily polio report database Operate in Ms excel. Project Length More than 6 months Hours Needed 10-30 hrs/week Hourly Price $5.00-$10.00 To start you need register […]


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