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WeChat messages to excel

Job Posted: 07.03.2021 3:08:34 Hello, We are in the process of organizing our business’ wechat history into 1 searchable place as we conduct business via wechat. We need the ability to archive our messages into excel and be able to search them. We have wechat backup from the wechat app. files are as follows: backup.db […]

Format Excel Data into multiple spreadsheets

Job Posted: 06.03.2021 3:33:50 I have CSV files that contain data that I want to filter and separate into multiple spreadsheets. I have attached a video explaining what I would like done. The due date is in one day. I must have the job completed by Sunday morning 8:00 am EST. If you are interested […]

Google Sheets Training Instructor

Job Posted: 05.03.2021 23:03:08 Looking for an instructor with expertise in Google Spreadsheets. The instructor will be responsible for teaching a 1-day course virtually to administrative personnel. Must be comfortable with teaching 2 additional sessions, per experience level, if requested. Job Date: Spring/Summer 2021 Requirements: Google Workspace certified or equivalent certification. Must have advanced knowledge […]

Help with labeling data for machine learning project

Job Posted: 05.03.2021 19:03:05 We are looking for help with a machine learning project, where we need to label data samples in order to verify our methods. The task will involve reading short paragraphs of text about different technologies and labeling each sample into one of three categories. In some cases, if you’re not sure […]

Automotive expert

Job Posted: 02.03.2021 23:42:19 Need an auto parts expert that can map the Aftermarket Catalog Exchange Standard (ACES) catalog to our own proprietary categories. Our client created their own auto parts and auto accessories category structure and an automotive expert is needed to map the ACES catalog to these categories. Must be able to work […]

Office Excel Spreadsheet / Macros / Inventory Management

Job Posted: 02.03.2021 15:45:49 Hi there! I’m looking for someone to help create an excel spreadsheet where I’m able to import data from other excel files and create an inventory management system. The first file that I would like to view is ‘Listings’: I would like the data to be processed by SKU. The documents […]

Looking for someone to perform data extraction and data collection

Job Posted: 02.03.2021 5:28:44 We are looking for someone who can find us specific kind of image, video and voice data on the internet. Furthermore this data has to be extracted and carefully labeled. The data is needed to for training a machine learning system, and you are going to collaborate closely with the machine […]

Data Processing Pro

Job Posted: 02.03.2021 2:46:43 We are looking for a hard working, bright, capable, and fast paced assistant to help us with combining, de-duping, organizing, extracting and filling in empty data. We have spreadsheets that we need to clean up, and are constantly getting more in. Would love for someone part time that we can work […]

Remove & Clean Specific Data From Spreadsheet

Job Posted: 01.03.2021 5:14:56 Remove text from 115mb excel file. Remove words such as: eBay e Bay Remove ALL URLs in entirety including URLS embedded in text Project Length null Hours Needed null Fixed Price 50 To start you need register at Upwork, apply now. Its free! This and other jobs await your proposal. Apply […]


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