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Data Entry – Google Sheets Contact Form for School Districts

Job Posted: 18.06.2021 23:04:10 Looking for someone to create a contact list for School Districts in Maryland, Delaware, Virginia and West Virginia. Would be searching websites to get names, emails and phone numbers for requested positions (aka Principal, Superintendent, Director of Curriculum, etc.). Project is time sensitive…looking for someone who is fast and proficient. Project […]

Creating personalized first lines for an email campaign

Job Posted: 18.06.2021 20:33:23 What I am looking for in this job is for you to look at the leads that I will provide, find information on them pertaining to their business, and or business achievements and write a personalized first line congratulating them in their achievements on a google sheet (that i provide). we […]

Remote Data Scrubber

Job Posted: 18.06.2021 18:35:23 We have intermittent need to verify incoming lead data in a timely manner. We receive prospect information from our client that needs to be searched and verified in google maps. If the business that is listed in the lead information is closed or the data is otherwise incorrect, it must be […]

Part-time data entry for processing orders

Job Posted: 17.06.2021 12:29:40 We need someone for simple data entry- and copy-paste-tasks. Your task is to process orders that arrive in our system for the next day. IMPORTANT: Your work time is ideally at 12am (UTC+1). Therefore you start at 7am in West Australia or China, 16pm in USA or Mexico etc. You will […]

Database Creation of 300 firms on a Google sheet Century City- URGENT

Job Posted: 16.06.2021 22:28:37 We will need the creation of a database of firms in Century City, California, United States around this address: 10250 Santa Monica Blvd Suite 2790, Los Angeles, CA 90067, United States I would like a Google Document or a Google Sheet with these criterias (NO EXCEL DOCUMENT, I CAN’T READ IT): […]

Amazon Product Research

Job Posted: 16.06.2021 7:41:20 Looking for someone who is able to research and compare products from online wholesalers/online stores and compare to the sales pricing on Amazon Canada and Amazon USA. Your job role will be helping me find profitable products for my amazon business. Basic training and google sheets templates are already built. Ideally […]

Database Creation of 300 firms on a Google sheet – URGENT

Job Posted: 16.06.2021 4:12:31 We will need the creation of a database of firms in Santa Monica, California, United States around this address: 1445 4th Street Santa Monica, CA, 90401, USA I would like a Google Document or a Google Sheet with these criterias (NO EXCEL DOCUMENT, I CAN’T READ IT): – Name of the […]

Google Sheets Pro needed to work on a Project Status Update Tool

Job Posted: 14.06.2021 12:20:23 We require an Expert in Google Sheets who has at least 5 years of professional experience in: – Writing macros – Formulas – Conditional Formatting – Google Data Studio + Dashboards – Pivot Tables – Applying design to Google Sheets In addition to the tasks above, the Expert will introduce both […]

Typing & Simple Online Administrative Tasks

Job Posted: 14.06.2021 2:34:15 We have some repetitive online tasks that need to be done, 40 hours per week. You will be doing basic data entry, and performing routine administrative tasks like entering information into a database. You must be detail-oriented, willing to do repetitive tasks, hard-working, and available to work during the hours of […]

Admin Assistant Needed

Job Posted: 13.06.2021 0:11:30 We are looking for a long term team member to help with our growing real estate company. We need someone with attention to detail, dependable internet and power connection and who is looking for a long term position. You will be downloading data in google sheets, cleaning it up and then […]


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