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Virtual Assistant – Data Entry

Job Posted: 20.06.2021 5:52:27 I am looking for a conscientious and meticulous data entry provider that can provide email leads for my marketing agency. Task: To find online e-commerce stores or course providers for my specific niche, identify their email address using free software available. Enter into spreadsheet. Nothing more required. KPI: Typically you could […]

Remote Data Entry

Job Posted: 19.06.2021 5:10:31 We Seek for Data Entry clerk who will Collect, assemble, create, disseminate, and maintain large volumes of business-related, confidential or sensitive data/information using spreadsheets, databases, technology systems and Lab reports. Project Length 1 to 3 months Hours Needed Less than 30 hrs/week Hourly Price $17.00-$28.00 To start you need register at […]

Data Entry Clerk

Job Posted: 18.06.2021 19:31:55 We are looking for a focused data entry clerk to continuously update our company’s databases. The data entry clerk will liaise with and follow up with employees within the company as well as with customers to collect information. The data entry clerk will capture the data into relevant databases in a […]

Data cleansing for sales contacts focusing on addresses, preparing for CRM import

Job Posted: 18.06.2021 1:19:24 clean address fields and split into appropriate data columns work on sheet GC_LatestContacts – Cleaned…the other sheet is the original Focus on cleaning up Column L Address should remove the GPS coordinates which go into columns J and K Address should move any PO box (or P.O. Box to a separate […]

web data extraction of Top 100 United Sates college student/club organization contact info

Job Posted: 16.06.2021 21:14:25 The top 100 colleges in the United States are publicly listed. On each of the college website they have a webpage highlighting all the student clubs/organization with a contact info (email), similar to this student organization page at Princeton University: www dot odusapps.princeton.edu/StudentOrg/new/directory.php I need the data for each of the […]

Data Improvement on CRM – Add Contact State Column to list of contacts

Job Posted: 16.06.2021 12:54:58 Hi there, Thankyou for reading this listing. I would like to improve the quality of a large database by verifying the state in which a group of 8000 contacts live in order to be able to sort these contacts by their state. Basically: 1) Copy contact 2) Search Contact on LinkedIn […]

Copy/paste data from LinkedIn into Google Sheet

Job Posted: 16.06.2021 0:23:47 This project requires a LinkedIn paid subscription such as LinkedIn Sales Navigator or LinkedIn Recruiting in order to be successful. You’ll be performing a search in LinkedIn, then opening each person in the search result and copying information from their profile into a Google Sheet: First name, last name, company name […]

Data Entry | Web search and list building

Job Posted: 15.06.2021 6:16:23 Looking for someone who can help do web search and build a sales list from there. -Do a web search and copy information from the result list. -At least 50 leads collected per hour -Detail-oriented and proficient at data entry. Project Length Less than 1 month Hours Needed Less than 30 […]

Need someone to clean a list of Names (CSV) with 40,000 records

Job Posted: 13.06.2021 21:10:12 I have a list of names that we exported from our CRM. Those names were in one field called “Name” and we’ve split them up via the text to columns feature. Now I need someone to go through and make sure the names make sense and the capitalization is correct. e.g. […]

Data Entry – Pulling E-mails from Websites

Job Posted: 13.06.2021 8:11:40 I need someone to go to a list of websites and pull the e-mail addresses for specific individuals and put them in a Google Sheet. I will provide the list and other detailed instructions to help you identify the proper e-mail addresses. Project Length 1 to 3 months Hours Needed Hours […]


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