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VACANCY – Influencer Outreach Virtual Assistant

Job Posted: 16.01.2022 10:08:20 We’re a boutique social media marketing agency working with clients in the US, UK, Canada and Europe. We are looking for an influencer outreach virtual assistant to work with long term. KPI would be 10 influencers per month. USD$ 125 per month. Influencer outreach task includes: – Identifying the right influencer […]

Country Liaison Officer

Job Posted: 16.12.2021 12:39:18 An Experienced Individual In Fundraising And Grant Writing Expertise To Support Our Nonprofit Organizations, Programs, Professionals, And Communities We Serve Is Urgently Needed To Work As Country Liaison Officer For Sanyuworld Centre for Human Rights, Peace and Development (SCHRPD), (link removed) In A Given Country. Sanyuworld Centre for Human Rights, Peace […]

Reputation Management

Job Posted: 29.11.2021 12:17:52 Hello! We are looking for a reputation manager to work with us part-time on a regular basis. The project budget would depend on your availability and duration of cooperation. Project Length More than 6 months Hours Needed Less than 30 hrs/week Fixed Price To start you need register at Upwork, apply […]

Podcast outreach rep

Job Posted: 23.11.2021 6:07:37 We’re building an eCommerce direct to consumer podcast and we’re looking to bring on the biggest influencers in the eCommerce space to our podcast. We’re looking for someone to join our team to build a list of interesting eCommerce experts/gurus and reach out to the potential guests on the following platforms: […]

Flexible enough to be competent in a workplace in relation to law.

Job Posted: 12.02.2021 4:19:53 Being able to become flexible and willing from any type of works can help enhance my skills and productivity that will be needing for experiences and future amends. And to obtain a responsible and challenging position where my education should have a valuable application is to be prepared at any moment. […]

Expert copywriter – Fintech, Blockchain and crypto

Job Posted: 07.02.2021 14:48:30 Do you brush your teeth with social media, sales and storytelling? Let’s talk! Project Length Less than 1 month Hours Needed 10-30 hrs/week Fixed Price To start you need register at Upwork, apply now. Its free! This and other jobs await your proposal. Apply as a Freelancer

PR Firm is Hiring for a Virtual Assistant to Help Save Time With Small Tasks!

Job Posted: 27.01.2021 19:13:18 Looking for someone to help me with a small tasks to start such as: researching, creating spreadsheets, small website tweaks, social media scheduling etc Project Length More than 6 months Hours Needed 10-30 hrs/week Fixed Price To start you need register at Upwork, apply now. Its free! This and other jobs […]

Social media research project

Job Posted: 07.01.2021 0:48:52 Research how ~200 companies are using various social media platforms from the past 6 months – to include: – Which social media platforms they are on – Frequency of social media posts – General sentiment of social media content – Social media reach – General topics covered on these channels All […]

Digital Music Specialist

Job Posted: 02.11.2020 12:32:59 Spotify Promotion. I need someone with knowledge in electronic music to assist me in the research of active and popular curator playlists on Spotify for promo tool. Collection, data entry, and classification of curators by music genre. Project Length null Hours Needed null Fixed Price 100 To start you need register […]