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Scrape Shopify Products & Import To Woocom

Job Posted: 27.01.2022 12:36:50 Hi, I’m looking to scrape multiple Shopify stores, all their products, and add them to a Woocommerce based store. You job is to scrape all products including variants, images, descriptions titles and import them to Woocommerce. You should know the Woocom friendly format and how Woocom works. Thanks! Project Length Less […]

SuiteCRM-Patner needed! Especially document automation & workflow automation.

Job Posted: 27.01.2022 10:29:21 We are looking for a reliable partner to help us further develop our law firm software. This is specifically about document automation (est. 15 templates) and the creation/customization of automated tasks for users of the SuiteCRM software. In addition, we need support in the automatic transfer of form data from our […]

Take a json file and make 330+ copies with slight tweaks

Job Posted: 26.01.2022 18:29:59 We have a json file with some basic data in it. We need 332 copies of the file with the only change being the number of the file (in sequence) and that same number within the file. So for example 228.json would also have to have a tweak inside of the […]

No Code Specialist – Airtable, Zappier, Bubble.io,

Job Posted: 21.01.2022 13:21:12 Looking for a no-code specialist to automate and improve our processes (content management on Airtable, CRM on Airtable) as well as develop new applications and connect API using no-code platforms such as Bubble.io. Looking for advice as well on how to leverage no code best based on previous experience using no-code […]

Deliver an automated way to get screenshots and save the reference in excel

Job Posted: 19.01.2022 20:23:31 Deliver an excel macro or script to get the screenshot of a urls viewable homepage. What we need: We need screenshots of the viewable homepage for 1k urls. We provide urls in an excel sheet. You write the script/macro to get the screenshots of the homepage via urlbox.io or whatever screenshot […]

Connect Facebook Mess to our CRM via n8n

Job Posted: 13.01.2022 8:39:14 Hi We have client chat via Facebook Messenger and want to find a better workflow to manage its integration with our Vtiger CRM The intergration can be done via N8N ( our own hosted version) We need some one who has experience in setting this type of automation, can executive workflow […]

Merge PDF files and split

Job Posted: 12.01.2022 14:11:43 We are seeking for automation script to merge two PDF files (Address labels and packing slips) and organize them as we need (1 label 1 packing slip) for the thermal printer. Project Length Less than 1 month Hours Needed Less than 30 hrs/week Hourly Price $11.00-$26.00 To start you need register […]

Excel to Online Survey

Job Posted: 09.01.2022 0:32:13 We have an excel database of individuals. We have a current network of influencers. I would like to find a way to transport the database into a web form or survey whereby each influencer can get a unique link (that verifies who that is) and can scroll down the list using […]

Custom Excel Template Needed

Job Posted: 29.12.2021 22:18:32 I am looking to be able to upload either the last 3 or 5 years of corporate income tax pdfs into excel and have excel be able to find and organize the relevant information. I would like a separate sheet that can consolidate all the information neatly. Project Length 1 to […]