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STATA project-business analysis

Job Posted: 19.11.2020 15:48:50 Please answer the questions in the attached project assignment document. It needs to be 3000 words. The attatched data needs to be opened in STATA. Must write on word document and include all data/data analysis from STATA onto the word document to answer the questions. Project requires excellent STATA, Statistics and […]

3000 Word Business Analysis Project

Job Posted: 09.11.2020 16:19:56 Please can you complete the attached project that I have uploaded. I have uploaded both the data required and the project questions. Refer to data attached to answer the project questions. Follow all the instructions clearly on the attached files. Use the link provided in the document for more information. Please […]

Cleaning of Dataset with Indian Locations

Job Posted: 05.09.2020 0:08:43 I am ideally looking for someone with R or STATA coding skills (Python can also be acceptable). The project is mostly cleaning and entering location names, but to make it reproducible, I would like to have it done using R or STATA. The project includes cleaning and matching location names in […]