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Create branded spreadsheet to calculate client’s nutritional energy requirements.

Job Posted: 20.12.2021 10:15:05 Create a branded excel document with a formula to calculate client’s nutritional energy requirements (formula will be provided upon acceptance) The formula will calculate: – BSM (basal metabolic rate) – Energy requirements for maintenance – Calorie deficit for fat loss – Macro-nutrient breakdown The spreadsheet must be branded as this will […]

Enter food log into the site Cronometer as precisely as possible

Job Posted: 24.10.2021 17:48:02 I need 3 food logs (each includes 3 days of food) entered into the website or app Cronometer (https://cronometer.com/) over the next 3 months. Login information to use my account will be provided. The first food log is attached. I need to ensure these are entered as accurately and meticulously as […]

Food review person needed for Food Delivery Application

Job Posted: 17.10.2021 2:24:40 Applicants are required to have a wide range of knowledge with food. Applicants will be required to bring up insights on the suitable sections to be included in the food delivery application. Applicants will be payed $36 per page of useful additions to the user-interface of the food delivery application. Project […]

Short-Term Data Entry Specialist Needed

Job Posted: 06.02.2021 2:42:02 Hey there! I’m looking for a data entry specialist for 2 projects: PROJECT 1: The data entry hire will need to create online real estate listing account profiles on multiple (approx. 25) different industry websites. All data will be provided, it’s just a matter of getting into the various online platforms. […]

Recipe and nutrition data entry

Job Posted: 02.02.2021 18:19:27 looking for a nutritionist or someone with experience in ice cream to help create recipe and convert to nutrition label. Proof of experience a must, knowledge working with recipal a plus. Project Length Less than 1 month Hours Needed 10-30 hrs/week Hourly Price $15.00-$20.00 To start you need register at Upwork, […]

Nutrition Table Review and Data Entry

Job Posted: 23.12.2020 20:04:24 We are a new social startup that will be providing ingredient packages based on nutritious meal plans to schools in Ghana. We have a rough table containing lists of menus, ingredients and their nutrition contents, but it needs to be reviewed and edited by a nutritionist/dietitian. He/She can be a recent […]

Nutritionist needed for data entry role

Job Posted: 02.12.2020 13:14:27 We are a bespoke nutrition software that allows influencers, brands and fitness professionals to run nutrition at scale. We provide the tools for influencers, brands and fitness professionals to manage and grow their online clients by creating and delivering personalised nutrition programmes. Day & Nite focused on ease-of-use and autonomy for […]

Fitness Coach for Q/A in Facebook Group

Job Posted: 18.11.2020 0:08:38 I need someone with fitness/workout knowledge to be able to answer questions and manage people in our facebook group. You will be considered their Online Accountability Coach. 1. Any questions that clients ask, need to be answered quickly preferably within 20 minutes. We will provide a faq sheet of how to […]

Online Personal Trainer Needed (Experience Required)

Job Posted: 17.11.2020 22:21:04 Looking for a personal trainer to work with clients remotely. You will be apart of our training team as an Online Fitness Coach. This position allows you to work remotely by logging in, responding to clients with in depth, informative answers, and logging out. Specs: -You will be answering client emails, […]