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Mystery Shop at Econsave Taman Scientex & Permas Jaya

Job Posted: 06.01.2022 12:02:30 We are the Grab of mystery shopping: Become part of our community of shoppers and earn money while shopping! Get paid to take a few photos of products on shelves and marketing promotions. ————————————————————– YOUR TASK We are looking for a mystery shopper to complete 1 mystery shop task per week […]

Researcher needed for collecting product prices in New Caledonia

Job Posted: 06.11.2020 10:06:18 Need a local person to record local prices for 14 consumer items. For example, what is the cost of apples, oranges, onion per pound in the local grocery store or supplier? How much is a case of bottled water? A full list of the consumer items will be provided to the […]

(ID 340575867) PQ2008291-03 Mystery Shopping of Car After Sales Services in Korea

Job Posted: 08.10.2020 10:55:28 Country: South Korea Locations: 1) Seoul (At least 3+ outlets) – 1 Hyundai Dealership, 1 Renault Samsung Dealership, 1 SsangYong Dealership Types of car models to enquire about: 1) Hyundai Sonata 2004 to 2009 (Model Year), Sedan (Vehicle Type), N20 (Class/Grade) 2) Hyundai Sonata 2010 to 2014 (Model Year), Sedan (Vehicle […]