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Need an Experienced Data Processor to filter & format data into proper mailing list

Job Posted: 29.12.2021 7:41:38 Please bid on this project only if you have experience filtering data in Microsoft Access, can run custom queries, and write functions to make the data proper case, and programmatically split fields like name into separate first and last name fields. I have a list containing 1100 records that I need […]

Database programming needed

Job Posted: 14.11.2021 3:44:14 database programming tasks available no experience needed Project Length More than 6 months Hours Needed Less than 30 hrs/week Hourly Price $33.00-$60.00 To start you need register at Upwork, apply now. Its free! This and other jobs await your proposal. Apply as a Freelancer

Replicate excel estimating workbook into access

Job Posted: 20.02.2021 3:35:27 We have an excel estimating workbook that we use constantly and want to recreate it in access. We want to incorporate our bid schedule and tracking workbook into this so that opportunities, assignments, bid volumes and capture data are linked together. Project Length 1 to 3 months Hours Needed 10-30 hrs/week […]

Create Microsoft Access Data and Input form from Excel

Job Posted: 27.01.2021 0:59:19 I have data from an excel file. Data: Building names, Floor, Area, Office Numbers , Area. I want to create a Microsoft Access Database with existing excel and add additional functions and inputs. Such as an input data form, run queries report. Need a table with my building names, floor #, […]

Phase 2: Data entry admin to verify and populate Contact List from public sources

Job Posted: 11.01.2021 23:28:04 We have a Microsoft Access database that we need the contact information verified – and add additional stakeholders applicable to the listed Not for Profit companies – as accessible in a public source i.e. LinkedIn & Company website. Fluent in reading and speaking English and familiar with Canadian Business Structure – […]

Need a Microsoft Access DB developer.

Job Posted: 10.12.2020 13:34:15 We currently use an excel spreadsheet to record data and information and generate reports for expenses for a Logistics business. I am looking for an Access Database developer to design, convert and build an access database using the excel spreadsheet. The database must have forms for easy entry of data and […]

Looking for Experienced Data Processor to filter and format data into a proper mailing list

Job Posted: 03.12.2020 2:34:02 Please feel free to bid only if you have experience filtering data in Microsoft Access, and can run custom queries, and write functions to make the data proper case, and programmatically split fields like Name into separate first and Last Name fields. I have a list containing 378 records total all […]

Microsoft Office Templates and Formating

Job Posted: 28.10.2020 16:27:38 To provide data entry support to superiors and create templates for Account Managers to use. To prepare communication, reports, presentations, and other products by operating Microsoft Word, and Excel. Things that we are looking for are: We need raw data to be turned into a Microsoft Excel sheet for us to […]

Consolidate Year, Make, Model of cars

Job Posted: 30.09.2020 0:50:51 I have 360,000+ records of Year, Make, amd Model of vehciles. I need to have 2 year columns YearFrom and YearTo which consolidates the individual years into a year span. Please see example before and after results: Project Length Less than 1 month Hours Needed Less than 10 hrs/week Hourly Price […]

Developer to create tool to sort 10,000-100,000 rows of data into Exportable CSV

Job Posted: 14.09.2020 21:09:41 Have data from three .csv files which monthly need to be parsed into three separate output csv files for upload into QuickBooks. We have reached the file limitations of Excel and suspect we may need work with Access or a very basic .exe. Excel cannot process this data fast enough and […]