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Job Posted: 15.02.2022 12:50:10

Hello to you all and thank you for taking the time to read this recruitment posting.

We are currently in the process of starting up a UK based property investment company and are looking for excellent candidates to work with us through the start and well into our journey. The role will initially be part-time with a view to taking on the right candidate into a complete full time position.

We are looking for highly effective people that can analyse properties within the UK and help us with day-to-day admin work.

Analysis of properties will include:
– Searching our target areas for properties that fit certain criteria for our investors.
– Analysing how value can be added to a property through various different investment options.
– Checking the reliability of these assessments by searching comparables.
– Putting together a deal analysis of any properties that pass this to provide to investors.
– Being familiar and aware of several different property strategies.
– Analysis of property condition.
– Analysis of potential refurbishment costs as well as speaking to contractors to obtain prices.
– Utilising property websites to obtain information.

– Analysing target UK cities for information such as:
– Population Growth
– Regeneration Projects
– Job Growth
– Economic Opportunities

General admin is also required such as:
– Preparing documents.
– Making phone calls.
– Filling in spreadsheets.
– Assisting with day to day operations.
– Social media posting.
– Appointment Setting
– Other duties as required.

We are looking for someone fun, friendly and approachable with a willingness to learn and a real heart to help people.

Good English and real analytical skills are required.

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