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Telegram Bots – Crawler bot in Group Chats, collate information, sort and send the info to users

Job Posted: 03.02.2021 9:40:27 Welcome interest parties to quote: Looking to create a user friendly programme that allows me to send out telegram bots o either: 1. Crawl thru the Telegram group and data mine key information of a post by users into excel format, or 2. Interactive with users to data mine the key […]

Teach Me To Use Telegraf To Write And Read Data on Google Sheet

Job Posted: 09.11.2020 22:19:14 I am building a Telegram bot that can help me not only retrieve data from Google Sheet, but also allow me to write my message as a new row into the Google Sheets table. For example: When I type “Subject A”, the bot will take that data and write it on […]