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Hiring an Email / LeadGen Landing Page Expert to collect new leads

Job Posted: 15.01.2022 18:35:15 About us: High Caliber Events is a boutique experiential marketing company that produces immersive in-person or hybrid events and offer digital marketing services for small to large brands/clients! Some clients can be Nike or can be a small business owner. Job details: We simply need an individual that’s resourceful, great at […]

Technical knowledge in PDF Format: CMS Template for a Semi-auto Product Review Website

Job Posted: 11.01.2022 4:28:20 We want to develop a website where various consumer products will be listed (See the attached illustration as a rough idea). We already have a .com domain for this. 1. Initially, we will need a CMS Template where we will be manually feeding and uploading (1) Product Image (2) Product Features […]

NEED: Professional and QUICK Shopify Developer

Job Posted: 09.11.2021 10:06:21 QUALIFICATIONS: Experience in HTML, CSS (SCSS), JavaScript (jQuery), Shopify – Liquid. WordPress – PHP, MySQL. Proficient in Git (Bitbucket) and Shopify Theme Kit for development Experience or has knowledge of a wide range of Shopify apps. Must be willing to learn how to use unfamiliar apps. Must be able to set […]

Build simple website to match sellers to potential buyers

Job Posted: 03.11.2021 6:22:24 Project is to build a simple ‘craigslist style’ website to match ‘sellers’ and ‘buyers’. The following features are required: The site will show both buyers and sellers profiles under separate headings with the sellers section being the largest On the left there should be a link to create a seller (or […]

Software Tech

Job Posted: 19.01.2021 22:32:15 Looking to develop an online platform to provide group virtual training. The platform must be able to conduct virtual fitness classes, store a video work out catalog, and interactive virtual one v one training. The platform must be able to send reminder emails, provide some form a communication between employees and […]