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Looking for a motivated and driven researcher to help with Outreach!

Job Posted: 18.01.2022 14:37:30 I am looking to hire someone to do lead research for my social media channels. You’ll need to research 30-50 tech entrepreneurs per day for each social media channel. I will provide the criteria and categories for the specified tech entrepreneurs particularly in the UK region. Requirements: ✅ Applicant must be […]

Categorize Names in a Dataset

Job Posted: 02.01.2022 20:28:39 I am looking for people who are able to go through a spreadsheet and categorize the names and companies into specific categories and then mark them as such. I will need more than one person to do this. This job requires the ability to research on the internet and based on […]

Beverage Bottlers in Greece (List)

Job Posted: 29.12.2021 8:31:34 I person who have general knowledge in the beverage industry who can help provide a list of bottlers in Greece. The information should be true and accurate. an example is attached in the post. Project Length Less than 1 month Hours Needed null Fixed Price 40 To start you need register […]

Online Research Assistance

Job Posted: 17.12.2021 12:19:52 Online Research Assistant needed for our business Here is our Company URL: https://bit.ly/3GyXHwv Please take a look at our site to understand our business goals. Looking forward to working with you. Thanks Project Length More than 6 months Hours Needed 30+ hrs/week Hourly Price $12.00-$32.00 To start you need register at […]

Research Project to get largest ROI on USA Social Security Income

Job Posted: 10.12.2021 0:17:13 Research Project to get largest ROI on USA Social Security Income This is for an American Citizen of 39 years old, who needs someone to calculate or find out what to do to get the largest ROI on USA Social Security Income considering wives and children. We need to know what […]

Gather Product Data Including Links, Images, Description

Job Posted: 04.12.2021 10:01:22 I am looking for someone to gather information about selected elearning courses. This data cannot be scraped and needs to be done by hand (unless you’re really good. It needs to be accurate) I will deliver a Google Sheet with the course names already populated and the needed field lables inserted […]

Research to compile online data sets

Job Posted: 18.11.2021 0:30:00 The project will involve looking into research papers from Google Scholar and compiling carbon emission values for a database of company resources. These values need to specified in the right format and entered into an existing database. References for emission values of each resource needs to be retained for cross-referencing and […]

Research Assistant Needed [URGENT]

Job Posted: 14.11.2021 4:23:45 Hello, I need a research assistant to research the top companies in the media sector in different countries. I’ll provide the list of countries upon hiring. Approximately you need to gather around 400 companies. The work should be completed by 8:00 AM IST on November 15th. Please DO NOT submit proposals […]

Prison Inmate Research – Lead Genertion

Job Posted: 02.11.2021 3:55:05 Identify prison current inmates that meet the following criteria -Male or Female -Max age 62 years -No sex crimes, violent crimes, or crimes against state/terrorism -Convicted no earlier than 2015 -Release date no earlier than 6/2022 -In the US, State or Federal -Stated profession on Inmate should be: CEO/Executive, Software Engineer, […]

Find social media influencers in Multiple countries

Job Posted: 28.10.2021 22:16:37 Looking someone to do extensive research to find social media influencers in International locations for a men’s clothing brand. Influencers must meet ALL the following requirements. Candidates must be very tall with a great look. Modeling agencies generally do not have candidates of this height, size and build. The best place […]