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Copy content work (on Canva)

Job Posted: 09.12.2021 18:20:19 Hi, we’re looking for a data entry person that can work with Canva.com to create new images based on the screenshots that we have shared in the link below. (no redesign needed, just need to copy) https://www.notion.so/tripcanvas/Misc-pages-work-in-progress-155ccd74a8614482bd388b615b17a694 (please ignore the comments) Requirement: 1. For some of the graphs, we need you […]

Brighten text on a document scan, so that it is clearly readable when printed

Job Posted: 28.11.2021 0:28:12 I have pdf of a scanned document which is text. In parts the text was highlighted with a dark colour, such that the text is hardly visible on computer and becomes unreadable when printed. Snippet attached. I need to edit/brighten the highlighted part so that the text can be readable when […]