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Project Manager expert in start ups

Job Posted: 30.12.2021 13:37:33 Estamos en la búsqueda de un profesional en project management para nuestra startup de servicios para el hogar. Nuestra idea es llevar a cabo todo el plan de negocios, marketing y estrategia general para el lanzamiento de una aplicación web para poder acceder a fondos de inversión y expandir nuestra marca […]

Top Admin for Amazon Education Group – Responsive communicator, accountant/engineer preferred

Job Posted: 11.11.2020 17:12:04 There is room for massive growth in our company. At the start, tasks will be easy, but we’re looking for someone we can rely on for years to come. We’re looking for ambitious candidates who have a wide array of skills such as: english communication, data processing, payment processing, accounting, working […]

Spread sheet work

Job Posted: 14.10.2020 3:17:53 I have a google doc with 80 recipe reviews from my various recipe testers. I need them organized into recipe groups, for example all the recipe reviews for roasted green beans in one group with the overall ratings on that list. Then I need each recipe tester listed with a list […]

Multiple Small Business Management Services

Job Posted: 13.10.2020 22:27:13 A person or small team to organize and maintain / manage multiple small businesses. Owner will assist as needed to gather all necessary items for the project and set up a management system / schedule. All companies are small and will remain small. Currently there are less than 5 employees for […]