Need a list of new leads to reach out to

Job Posted: 25.02.2022 6:55:36

I’d like to start the process of pitching my product to potential customers.

My website:

What value the site offers:
* Creative professionals can send and receive recorded feedback instead of written which leads to a more enjoyable yet impactful feedback experience. Better feedback leads to improved work quality and faster turnaround time.

My target market:
* Small to medium creative firms and studios

Some ideas of potential targets:
* Marketing or advertising firms
* Landscape or residential architecture firms
* Game design studio
* TV/Film/Animation studio
* Fashion design
* Graphic design & digital media
* Industrial design
* Photography

My feeling is that marketing and advertising firms will be most successful initially, but I’d like to procure contacts across as many categories as possible to get a sense of which industries are most interested in my platform.

What do I need from you?
* Search the internet for U.S.-based businesses
* Get a contact for the business (preferably a decision maker and on the creative side, i.e., no finance executives, etc.)
* Create a list of:
– their email address
– a link to their profile (preferably a page on their website that shows their name)
– their first name
– a link to their business website

Does this sound like it fits you? I’d love to work with someone excited for the opportunity to push the ignition button on a new product!

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