Lead Generation Specialist for Eastern European countries

Job Posted: 16.02.2022 16:46:33

Hi there,

We’re looking for a lead generation specialist to support our outbound efforts

Your job:
– You will be provided an excel file with our target industry and geography
– Your job will be to look up accounts (companies) in that industry and find relevant contacts and their email addresses
– You will have to validate those email addresses and then send the enriched file back to us
– We only accept business email addresses
– We ask you to only look for contacts from certain levels and departments as instructed:
– Levels: Manager, Senior Manager, Engineer, Geologist, GIS specialist
– Departments: Surveying, Mining, Technical, Management, Geospatial, GIS
– We ask you to source a minimum of 5 contacts per account/company ( we target companies that have at least 5 or more employees).
– We ask you to target up to 100 companies per industry for each country. If you have trouble sourcing more than a certain amount please let us know when you are stuck

Your skills:
* Capable of communicating well in English or in Bulgarian
* Experience with lead generation
* Structured approach and capable of keeping timelines

We will start with a small task and then over time, there might be more tasks coming in.

Further instructions:
The Mining and Metals industry includes – Open-pit Mining, Aggregates (quarries), Ore extraction, Mine planning, Mining Waste Management, Recultication of Post-Mining damaged lands, Mining design.
Surveying and mapping include – Land surveying, Geodesy, GIS, Geology mapping, Cadastre, Photogrammetry mapping, As-built mapping.
Construction – Road construction, Pipeline construction (Oil&Gas), Civil engineering and infrastructure, Urban planning, Earthworks, and Volume calculations.

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