Connect BUS 530 Commerce Applying McGraw Hill Business Law

Job Posted: 07.03.2022 15:00:53

You have set up your tax preparation firm as an incorporated business. You took $77,500 from the firm as your salary. The firm’s taxable income for the year (net of your salary) was $15,000. Assume you pay personal taxes as an unmarried taxpayer. Use the tax rates presented in Table 3-5 and Table 3-7.

a. How much taxes must be paid to the federal government, including both your personal taxes and the firm’s taxes?

b. By how much will you reduce the total tax bill by reducing your salary to $57,500, thereby leaving the firm with taxable income of $35,000?

c. The year-end 2010 balance sheet of Brandex Inc. listed common stock and other paid-in capital at $2,600,000 and retained earnings at $4,900,000. The next year, retained earnings were listed at $5,200,000. The firm’s net income in 2011 was $1,050,000. There were no stock repurchases during the year. What were the dividends paid by the firm in 2011?

d. Construct a balance sheet for Sophie’s Sofas given the following data. (Be sure to list the assets and liabilities in order of their liquidity.)

Cash balances = $ 5,000

Inventory of sofas = $ 150,000

Store and property = $ 50,000

Accounts receivable = $ 17,000

Accounts payable = $ 12,000

Long-term debt = $ 120,000

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