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Video capture and file sorting

Job Posted: 19.12.2021 20:40:35 I’m learning German, and I want to learn using German-language TV shows! I’d like someone to capture video from German Netflix and send me the video files. You’ll need a browser and a strong internet connection, and ability to capture video using screen capturing tools. Instructions: 1. Download Chrome 2. Add […]

Download videos from Vimeo and upload to youtube

Job Posted: 12.11.2021 0:20:24 Hello, The task is very easy, I want to download all the videos from the below vimeo user: https://vimeo.com/user3419965 Total 294 videos Each video from this user has a name format like below: John_Melbourne, Australia.mp4 Here John represents the “name” Melbourne, Australia represents the “location” Tasks are: – Download all the […]