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Find Property on Map From Listing and Draw Parcels on Mapping Software

Job Posted: 14.10.2021 0:19:50 The candidate will be presented with a list of links to real estate land listings. They will click the link and use the information on the listing website to locate the property and the parcels that contain the property. They will then draw the same shape on our mapping system and […]

Find object on the map using App Maps on iPad or iPhone or MacBook

Job Posted: 29.01.2021 22:49:59 Using the App Maps to locate objects on the Map and get data from it. Data should be saved on my system. A full guide is available on Google Docs Please apply only if you have IOS or OSx devices because it is only App MAPS that provides accurate data. Also, […]

Data Visualization of a handful of data points over time

Job Posted: 29.10.2020 3:07:13 I have 10 teams with data points of their performance as well as their team ratings over 4 seasons. I’d like to create a data visualization/animation that illustrates their performance over time in conjunction with how their ratings went up/down. Project Length Less than 1 month Hours Needed null Fixed Price […]