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Job Posted: 14.11.2021 6:01:37

Hi there,

We are needing research completed on Awards businesses can win in Australia.

Our focus is to have a list complied of Awards and to know the licensing fees or entry fees to enter these awards/win.
This information will be put into an excel spreadsheet by you.
We will also need other information on the Awards company.

The information we will need put into the Excel spreadsheet is as follows:
1. Name of Award company (E.g Local Business Awards)
2. Url link to website of Award
3. Entry Fees
4. Lisencing fees (if they win how much it costs for the business to display the award)
5. Industry (Are they a hairdresser, an optometrist etc)
6. Deadline Date (last date they can enter in awards)
7. Awarding Date
8. Region
(I will send through an example Excel spreadsheet so you understand the format required).

Job Overview:
We would like a list of as many Awards wonky businesses in Australia across any industry.

We then would like you to email the Awards company and enquire about how much it would cost to accept the award as most businesses would either pay an entry fee or a licensing fee to display their award after they have won. I will also send you a template email for this, however this may need to be slightly customised depending on what Award you are enquiring about. 

This can be across any industry in Australia (hairdressers, optometrists, hotels, restaurants, cafes, dentists, mechanics, lawyers, accountants, realestate companies, gyms, kindergartens, pest control services, electricians, mechanics, retail stores are a few examples).

Please see the lists below that we would like you to work through.
Links to Awards that businesses can apply for in Australia:

The Top Business Awards You Can Enter in 2021 and 2022

Australian Business Awards

Your Role: 

1. Do up an excel spreadsheet of awards. I will send through format as mentioned previosuly.
2. Email awards to ask about fees associated. Some may be free to enter- some may cost. Vice versa some may cost to enter and be free to win. Some might cost to both enter and win (you get the picture).
3. Put all relevant data in spreadsheet. Please have the list of Awards in alphabetical order. If some awards are from international companies but are being awarded to businesses in Australia that is still relevant data. Make sure to take note of the currency in this case (eg if it is a US company then it will most likely be in USD so please convert this into AUD).
4. Find other awards outside of the lists provided and please add them into the spreadsheet as well.
5. Be accurate, we will be checking the information provided.
6. If we are happy with the data after this is completed there is further work and information we will need.

If you have any questions please let me know.

Thank you,

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