Wanted: The Greatest (Remote) Marketing Assistant Ever

Job Posted: 15.11.2021 20:27:26

Small real estate investment firm is seeking one incredibly aggressive administrative/marketing assistant to assist with the marketing to purchase single and multi family properties around the Columbus, Ohio area.

This role will be responsible for the following:
– Implementing and creating marketing strategies to find properties to purchase for the investment company.
– Making soft calls to ‘for sale by owner’ ads
– Following up with rejected offers over time, re-initiating offers over time when initial offers are refused.
– Answering phone calls to gather data from motivated sellers looking to sell their home.
– Implementing marketing strategies to include:
– Implementing multiple direct mail campaigns
– Driving for dollars – looking for properties to make offers
– Develop and execute social media campaigns
– Pull lead data
We pay and provide all marketing supplies. You, however, will be responsible for finding and follow up with the leads.

The ideal candidate for this position possesses strong communication skills, lightning fast speed of implementation, and excellent follow up skills. We want someone that doesn’t need a babysitter, and as a result are willing to be extremely flexible with work times, vacations, etc. Pay is $9/hr. plus approximately 3% of net profits for every property we purchase/sell as a result of your efforts. Hours can be flexible to accommodate most schedule needs, but would range from 15-20 hours per week M-F.

Skills Required
• Know your way around a computer, the internet and using software in general, and type reasonably fast.
• Be extremely organized, with special attention to detail.
• Be able to adapt and learn new things quickly, thoroughly, and in detail.
• Know how to Google anything and everything.
• Have interpersonal skills, and are comfortable talking to and dealing with people – via phone, email, etc.
• Have project coordination experience with proven ability to know how to get it done in a timely fashion.
• You will be given multiple tasks one time only and be expected to see them through to completion without micromanagement. You’ll often be given a desired result and will be responsible for coming up with creative ways of accomplishing it. (In other words, you’re free to get to the end result however you like, without a boss breathing down your neck telling you how to do your job.)
• Lastly, and most importantly, you need to be a positive, empathetic personality. We are dealing with real people that have real life hardships.

Since we don’t have a storefront or physical office our customers come to, we all get to enjoy the benefits of a remote work lifestyle. Therefore just about everything we do happens through the internet, email, Skype, mobile phones, etc. So you should be great with that.

You In?
Then Pay Attention: If you think this is job is peanut butter and you’re jelly, then please email your resume along with a 1-2 paragraph explanation of why you’d be an excellent choice for this position. Please keep in mind that I’m not looking for a standard form letter from you – make it personal.
Please also include a smiley face in the subject line of the email, like this 🙂 That’s your first test to see if you are good at following simple directions. Emails submitted without this will be simply discarded since it’s a pretty clear indication of how well you follow instructions (or whether or not you read this entire ad.) We look forward to working with you!

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