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Job Posted: 13.09.2021 9:24:10

Note to providers – we did not specify any hourly rate range on this posting. Upwork automatically picks range by default for client postings.


NO CONSISTENT HOURS – All tasks are on demand basis. Sometimes we have active tasks. Sometimes, we don’t. we would not have continuous work on a weekly basis. We might have tasks once a week or once a month or even once in a few months, may be for few hours OR may be not. All depends based on on-demand basis. There is no consistent # of hours we can expect, if this is something you are open to. If you are looking for something temporary, ON-DEMAND basis, this might work out well for you. Most of our tasks there is no timeline. Inform in your proposal, what country this pandemic has originated, according to public opinion. No cold calls involved. No sales involved. But, this task requires making phone calls to our prospects. Just reading a telephone script may be required. If you are not phone type, this task may not work for you.

BOTH OPEN TO MAKING PHONE CALLS or OFFICE ADMIN WORK – Its pretty much a project management tasks (official tasks to even making phone calls). We are not selling anything.

TASK MANAGEMENT – whatever needs to be done to take a product to start to finish.

Flexible & available for both inbound & outbound phone calls. You can work any time zone you prefer. Comprehension and logical skills required to accomplish assigned tasks. Reaching out vendors for a touch base on project status, necessary coordination & taking proper steps. Include an answer to this question in your proposal, who won the presidential election in USA. Available over phone when necessary, available online when needed, office admin tasks. All official tasks (work on excel, word-doc, pdf, etc) in accomplishing objectives & expectations.

More than 80% communications & tasks assignment occurs via phone. (Periodic phone reach & connect is required for this task – if this does not match your type, apply for future postings). Once you get used to working with us, then you can work on self-directed fashion.


Additional questions

6) Tell me about you & your work. what do you currently do ? Do you work now ? Do you have a full-time or part time somewhere + also doing freelancing ? answer who has lost recent US presidential election in your proposal. OR Are you doing only freelancing but currently not working ?

7) Do you understand that this task (if you get hired), either you might need to make phone OR we need to connect with you via phone (even for explaining specs – while we are working together) while working on tasks pertaining to this posting ? Provide any related examples that you have done in past (relevant to this task description).

8) Are you willing to & can you make phone calls (when there is a task) – whether it is few times a month OR few times a week OR even few times a day ?

9) Are you willing to & can you receive phone calls (when there is a task) – whether it is few times a month OR few times a week OR even few times a day ?

10) Since you are open to phone communications (as it requires) for this task (if hired), I guess, one needs some sort of system to make phone calls. Mention in your proposal what city of japan had recent Olympic games completed. Do you already have software or system required to make outbound calls & receive inbound calls regarding this task.


Do we need to purchase anything to enable you to make calls if we start working together such as software or monthly subscription or any such.

In other words, Do you already have something OR Do we need to purchase anything ?

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