Virtual Analyst

Job Posted: 07.10.2021 8:05:17

KYC is in need of a Virtual Analyst to fill data in Web Application.

This is a full-time Job, and you need to be immediately available during a specific shift (8hr/day shift).

The Work:
Our system processes automatically big data, based on defined rules and guidelines. Sometimes, the system detects a data breach or data discrepancies that need to be corrected by a human.
You will be the one correcting this data based on specific guidelines.

How it works:
During your shift, you will receive email/Slack/SMS text to access a specific Application/URL and fill in data. You have a limited time to get to the URL and start working. So you need to be constantly monitoring for an alert (email/Slack/SMS), and you need to fill in or correct the missing data in 5 to a 10m timeframe. Your data will be reviewed and pass validation or be denied and you’ll need to work on it again.

▸ Perfect command of written and spoken English Language
▸ Exceptional attention to details (please start your Cover Letter with the word “Customer”)
▸ Exceptional IT skills including excel and JIRA
▸ Ability to work as a part of a team with minimal supervision

Would be valued:

*** Understanding and ability to write languages other than English is preferred

▸ Understanding of Legal documents, specifically relating to the set up of different entities. Eg., companies, and partnerships
▸ Understanding and ability to write European Languages

Working Shifts (Mon-Fri)
Shift 1: 01:30 CET to 09:30
Shift 2: 06:30 CET to 14:30
Shift 3: 08:30 CET to 16:30

However apply by specifying what shift you would be available to work in, and what Languages you speak and write aside from perfect English. You will have the opportunity to take part in some tests to qualify your skills.

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