VA Data Entry

Job Posted: 10.09.2021 22:38:01

Duty Summary: You will be contacting people who have real estate to sell that is listed on websites such as, FB Marketplace,,, and other similar websites. You’ll login into the accounts which we give you login credentials for.

Then you will log in and contact sellers by pasting in a custom message we give you. The custom message will basically guide them to call our company so that we can make them an offer to purchase their real estate without the seller having to pay any realtor fees or commissions. That’s essentially it. Some sellers may ask you random questions through the website or via email but we do not require you speak to them. Your goal is to engage with them by messaging them, and then communicating our messaging to get them to contact us via phone.

Step 1: Familiarize yourself with the big picture of the role and understand the expectation.

Step 2: Log into our company email account and make sure google allows you in. This may require coordinating timing between you and us so we can verify the login attempt is legitimate.

Step 3: Log into each of the accounts we give you login credentials for. This too may require coordinating timing between you and us so we can verify the login attempt is legitimate.

Step 4: Review the messaging you will be copying and pasting.

Step 5: Review the answers to common questions you will be able to copy / paste for the seller to read. Along the way here, you’ll basically be explaining to the seller that all they have to do to sell their property at market-value or better is to call our phone number so we can connect them with a buyer.

Step 6: Review the property characteristics below so you know what kinds of properties to seek and contact their owner.

Step 7: Begin messaging sellers using our custom messages and be prepared for the sellers to message you back within the website or within email. As sellers message you back, simply copy / paste our messaging and send it to the seller. It’s perfectly fine to make small edits to the messages before you send them. At times, based on the sellers question, you will know when to slightly edit the message to make the most sense to the seller.

Step 8: Keep a running total of how many sellers you have contacted Monday – Sunday. Your manager will come in behind you and count the number of contacts you made on the different websites we have accounts with.

Step 9: Communicate helpful feedback to your manager and other VA’s in this role so everyone on the team becomes stronger.

Step 10: Ask your manager for guidance if or when you feel you’re not getting responses from sellers or if you are uncertain of anything about the role.

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