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Extract email ids from email body content of gmail account

Job Posted: 05.01.2022 8:29:38 I have a gmail account which has about 12K-14K emails. In most of the email body content, there are contact information of my customer. I wish to get them in excel now. Can you extract/scrape emails from body content of an email. If yes, how much time and cost for this? […]

Data Administrator

Job Posted: 05.12.2021 0:30:18 I have a 22 page board bylaws document that needs to be retyped in Microsoft Word. Somehow we have mis-placed the original and all I am stuck with is a PDF that is a mess when converted to text. So thinking it needs to start from scratch. Project Length 3 to […]

Automazione database e formattazione documenti

Job Posted: 15.02.2021 13:40:09 La nostra società opera attraverso una piattaforma di scambio informazioni con i clienti. Il flusso tipico è il seguente: 1. Il cliente invia un file con la richiesta di ricerca informazioni su specifici soggetti 2. Riceviamo la richiesta ed effettuiamo le ricerche su altre piattaforme, pubbliche oppure giriamo la richiesta ai […]

Data Mining and Report creation

Job Posted: 04.02.2021 8:02:28 This position will work 2-3 hours per day to start. Opportunity for full time. This position will long in to an online system and run a report daily. Then they will extract relevant data and enter the appropriate data into a report. The reports are then sent daily. This job requires […]

Data Extraction

Job Posted: 30.01.2021 16:03:22 Take information from a webpage from code or visually. That loads information into a created form sheet to utilize in another companies database program Project Length More than 6 months Hours Needed null Fixed Price 2000 To start you need register at Upwork, apply now. Its free! This and other jobs […]

Database professional Assist with our Blackbaud SIS upgrade

Job Posted: 21.01.2021 21:11:35 Helping us organize our files for the SIS upgrade and assess the integrations and exports of our other systems (Admission Mgmnt and LMS). This is part-time temp I would imagine or a short term assignment. We are an independent school in Boston. Small non-profit, Project Length 1 to 3 months Hours […]

Database Administrator needed to collect and store data

Job Posted: 16.01.2021 14:41:06 We are looking for a database administrator to research schools information in UK and add to a database. Database to be in excel format. Database to include the following: – School Name – School Address – Headteachers Name – Telephone Number – School Email – Headteachers email (where applicable) – Website […]

Looking for someone to convert coded files into csv file

Job Posted: 05.01.2021 22:52:16 Looking for someone to extract data from various files and convert them into a readable .csv format. The files that I want converted can be found at: http://www.dallascad.org/ViewPDFs.aspx?type=3&id=\DCAD.ORGWEBWEBDATAWEBFORMSdata%20productsDCAD2021_CURRENT.zip I’d like for the end result to look like the attached csv. Any questions feel free to ask me Project Length null Hours […]

Help with Amazon Mechanical Turk

Job Posted: 28.12.2020 19:45:42 I am looking to submit an Amazon Mechanical Turk project as a Requester for the annotation of data sets to train machine learning models. I need help in creating an effective submission so that this task is completed correctly by MTurk Workers. So, I would like to hire someone who has […]

convert google sheet files into ziiped or google drive.

Job Posted: 14.12.2020 14:59:26 the job is quite simple.only need a responsile person. Project Length null Hours Needed null Fixed Price 5 To start you need register at Upwork, apply now. Its free! This and other jobs await your proposal. Apply as a Freelancer