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Bloomberg Potfolio Excell Files

Job Posted: 28.12.2021 14:22:03 Hello, I am looking for an IT freelancer to build excel spreadsheets for equities and bond portfolios link to Bloomberg terminal as market data feeders. The spreadsheet should be automatically updated based on an ISIN or Ticker. Column will need to include marketcap, PE, ANR etc, sectors, duration, yield, etc… It […]

Automated copy and paste function on excel sheets

Job Posted: 16.12.2021 10:07:22 Simply looking for someone to create a macro to help with copy and paste function that has “FIND AND REPLACE” function attached. The rows and columns to be copied and pasted vary depending on what is needed (I.E 10 columns by 11 rows or 15 columns by 11 rows or 8 […]

Excel Macros, data entry and automation

Job Posted: 12.02.2021 14:06:08 Hi! At the moment a lot of information is already gathered in excel. With this information different documents are manually generated which costs a lot of time. I am looking for someone to create a database/ macro from where it is easy to generate at least two different documents. These documents […]

Create a mini stock/inventory database for a simple cafe menu using MS Excel

Job Posted: 29.01.2021 15:47:24 Part 1: I just need someone to create a dashboard where I can enter stocks or sales or add an item and show an overview of current stock level. Then database (tab) for all stocks entered, sales and current stock level. Part 2: Generate report and display based on the date […]