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Information retrieval and internet

Job Posted: 09.12.2021 0:33:40 Should have knowledge about following topics: – Boolean Retrieval – Boolean and vector-space retrieval models – ranked retrieval; – text-similarity metrics; – TF-IDF (term frequency/inverse document frequency) weighting; – cosine similarity. – Performance metrics: recall, precision, and F-measure; – Evaluations on benchmark text collections, and interpolated precision. – Query Operations and […]

Hacker need for instagram

Job Posted: 09.11.2020 17:25:05 Hello! Yesterday I had a notification from instagram to provide my information. Then I received the message that my account will be reviewed for 24 hours. And today they deactivated my account for nothing. I would like to get my account back if is that possible. Project Length Less than 1 […]