Science-Based Weight-Loss Diary & Comment Knowledge-Base Participants (Desktop/Mobile)

Job Posted: 05.05.2021 7:41:13

*Adamant about losing weight?
**Already on a weight loss journey but finding it hard to accurately track your data to achieve your goals?
***Already lost weight but frustrated at lingering fat & cellulite in places that you just cannot get rid of?
****Looking to lose weight but not sure where to start in terms of diet, exercise, or lifestyle?
This is NOT a weight-loss program or the like!


Take the Free Body Type Shape Quiz (you can use a Pen Name for anonymity) to scientifically test and identify your Body Type, Fat & Cellulite, Metabolism, and General Overall Health (Diet, Exercise, Lifestyle), no less, to determine eligibility.

The Quiz & Diary requires a smartphone to take three appropriate research pictures for the Quiz, and three appropriate pictures every 3 days for the Advanced Diary.

Two Comments/Discussion to Clarify (post-Quiz submission), TBD

This job is all about being able to carefully follow instructions. So if following instructions is not your thing, do not apply.

Please carefully review the Body Types Shape Quiz/Test (& Advanced Diary/Commenting) before applying to make sure you are really interested:



If you are eligible after taking the Body Type Shape Test/Quiz, for 30 days (30 Complete Diary Entries), no less, you will safely, securely, and anonymously (if you choose), beyond the reach of trolls and shamers and haters, etc., track your scientific data using the Advanced Diary ($99.99 value/3 months). This includes full use of the Proprietary Commenting System which gives you access to an expert support team to inquire further about science/fact/evidence-based Diet, Exercise, and Lifestyle topics/subjects. “Ask Gnosis” (similar to Siri or Alexa) questions. Like, what diet would be best for me and why? What exercise? What about my lifestyle might I change to help my progress? Etc.

Or, just post your daily thoughts and experiences relative to your weight-loss journey to help paint a more whole picture of things. Share and discuss with family and friends in the safe and secure commenting system.

The more accurate and complete your data, including an official weigh-in video every 7 days as well as on the final day (30, etc.), the more whole a picture it will paint. The more reasonable, diligent, steadfast, and honest you are with/about your overall weight loss strategy (including diet, exercise, and lifestyle), game plan, and goals, the more likely you are to truly succeed.


Scientifically identify your Body Type while tracking your Diet, Exercise, & Lifestyle data, including metabolism/metabolic rate, using the expert science/evidence/fact-based knowledge base in a safe, encouraging environment. Take pride and be confident in real data-driven results that you input. Easily share your progress with family and friends and encourage them to comment/reply to support your journey, or ask their own questions.

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