Science-Based, Data-Driven Weight Loss Tracking (Body Type Quiz)

Job Posted: 21.11.2021 18:13:52

Have 25 pounds to lose to get to the mid-range of your medically/scientifically safe BMI weight range?

According to mainstream science and doctors, every human body is identical to the Standard/Normal Scientific Human Body Anatomy Book Body Type One (BT1) image (see attached), so long as you are safely within your scientifically/medically approved BMI weight range. Unless, of course, your doctor has specifically diagnosed you with a malformation, underdevelopment, abnormality, or the like.

So, has your doctor diagnosed you with a specific malformation, underdevelopment, abnormality, or the like? If not, then, according to mainstream science and doctors, the only reason your body does not look like the Standard Scientific Human Body Anatomy Book Body Type One (BT1) is because you have extra fat weight to lose due to unbalance in your diet, exercise, and/or lifestyle.

Once you lose the fat extra weight and are indeed safely within your BMI weight range, does your body look identical to the Standard Scientific Human Body Anatomy Book Body Type One (BT1), with posture (vertebrae) and muscles/muscle mass fully developed?

Prove it.

Take the Free Body Type Shape Quiz to scientifically test and identify your Body Type & Health including Diet, Exercise, Lifestyle, Metabolism/Metabolic Rate, and BMI, no less. You can use a pen name to maintain privacy.

Then use the Advanced Weight Loss Diary for 90 Daily Entries to start tracking your personal scientific data and images to watch your body change as you successfully lose weight. Use the Advanced Commenting System (4 specific Comments Per week) including access to the expert Diet, Exercise, Lifestyle Support Team to “Ask Gnosis” (think Siri or Alexa) a question about your diet, exercise, and/or lifestyle. (Free Access to All) Easily invite your family and friends to join the discussion for free to support your process and journey.

Learn More:

This job is all about being able to carefully follow instructions. So if following instructions is not your thing, do not apply.

This job also requires a smartphone to take three appropriate research pictures (no face, maintain privacy).

Two Comments/Discussion to Clarify (post-Quiz submission), TBD

Before applying, please carefully review the Body Type Quiz (Test) information to make sure you are really interested:

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