Personal Assistent for CEO of Beauty Brand

Job Posted: 22.11.2021 12:10:11

I’m looking for a friendly and expierenced personal assistent. As CEO of an ecommerce beauty brand my tasks vary a lot. To help me be more productive I need a special someone on my side getting certain tasks out of my way that cost me a lot of time.
Administrative tasks:
– I very often have to recheck open tasks of my team and investigate why this and that is not finished. It’s very nerve-wracking for me and costs me a lot of time that I could use more positively
– all of our tasks are currently in asana
– Structuring Asana and “keeping the team busy”
– remind you of asana tasks that are particularly urgent
– Go through emails and classify them according to priority, or remind me if they weren’t made
– I get xxxx chats in Slack every day and it is often difficult to follow it at all, or I can only read everything halfway, a filter would be good here, what is really for me and what is not
– I took over influencer marketing inhouse, as I wasn’t satisfied with agencies doing it before. However, the structuring, outreach and so on takes time. Would be good to have support there

Examples of smaller tasks:
– Creating a job post at upwork would not really require me. Once we’ve gone through this together, you could create it yourself
– there are around 20 things a day that I should do quickly for someone, since I was previously responsible for everything, it was normal for the team, because I always delivered everything. In some cases only I know, but I want to create a transition here so that I don’t have to do these things any more

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