PDF to Excel, replace some text

Job Posted: 05.12.2021 16:33:02

The job description with images are here. It’s way easier to understand:

Please make a separate sheet for each PDF files.
The name of each sheet must be like A_消化管
A: This alphabet comes from the name of the PDF file.
消化管: Please refer to the first page of each PDF file and just copy and paste it.
Please replace all the words in orange with
xx is the word in orange
You can ignore ver_space pdf files if not needed.
You may use excel, but the file must be submitted on Google Sheet.
Please ignore the lines with images.
If you are interested in processing with them, too, please let me know the additional budget.
These CSV files will be imported to Anki later, just for your information.
If you are interested in converting the sheets into Anki Deck file (.apkg), please let me know the additional budget.

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