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Job Posted: 11.09.2021 23:56:01

David Aylward Photo Project Memo

20 Lakeside Drive, Greenbelt, Md 20770. [email protected] 202-255-3215

The Task: I have digitized every photo I have ever taken (60+ years worth). There are close to 209 GB and about 100,000 digitized photos in the collection. They are contained on a Western Digital Passport of 2TB capacity. The ultimate goal is to have the photos organized into a single file, without duplicates, sortable by
1. Date taken
2. Location
3. People in photo

Each photo should have space for a headline and a description.

Request that the contractor automatically remove clear duplicates, and suggest others that appear to be duplicates.

Would like facial recognition software if it exists (e.g., Google photo) to suggest who people are.

Want a recommendation of where to store this information in the cloud as I am working on it. As I continue taking photos, I would like a permanent storage solution (online?) to which I can regularly add, edit, etc.
In other words, I am prepared to spend a lot of time myself going through the pictures and adding information, but I would like to have the basic collection cleaned up as much as possible, and then have a single library that is easy to use.
Happy to answer additional questions.
Problems: Most photos have been saved with inaccurate dates (i.e., the date of digitization versus the date the photo was actually taken) and many locations are not obvious. The only way I could see this getting fixed would be to have me individually write the three things for every photo. The above suggestions would make this easier.

We have been unable to find any software that is able to intelligently sort the photos to work with our standards. The closest was a program called ACDSee 20, but it was still hard to add information without it bugging out and/or crashing.

We have every photo saved onto a drive and have been successful uploading them to programs only after cutting the project into equal thirds and uploading one section at a time – which means I can’t find the duplicates. My grandson has been working on this for me and strongly suggests finding a secondary program to find and eliminate the duplicates before importing into any sorting software.

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