Mine specific information from US Target store product catalog.

Job Posted: 20.11.2021 0:35:08

I’m looking for someone to help me compile a list of American products and brands based on specific criteria.

As an overview, I am looking for products that are sold in USA Target store locations that meet certain requirements. The requirements are:

-The product must be sold in USA Target stores (preference should be given to products that are not online-only products)

-The product CANNOT be sold on Amazon by either the manufacturer or directly by Amazon. This can be determined by going to the product’s Amazon listing and looking through all the accounts that are selling the product. It CAN be shipped by Amazon, but it cannot be sold by Amazon. It CAN be sold by independent third-party sellers, but it CANNOT be sold by the brand itself.

-The product cannot be a digital item, such as music or software or movies.

-The product cannot be a book or magazine.

When you find a product that meets my criteria, please add it to a Google Sheet. Please include the following:

-Product name
-Price on Target
-Link to the product listing on Target website
-Is the product being sold on Amazon (yes or no)
-Product category (beauty and personal care, hygiene, home and kitchen, etc)
-Contact information for a few people who work at the manufacturing company who make the product. Please provide first and last name, email address, phone number if possible, and title at the company. The contact person MUST be someone at a high level in the organization and they must be in a sales-related role (product manager for that product or category of product, sales manager, VP of sales, etc). They MUST be someone related to the sale of that product and CANNOT be just any person from the company.

I am willing to pay $0.05 for every product you identify and list with the above characteristics, as well as an additional $0.08 for every direct contact as mentioned above. The contact information MUST meet the above criteria, and I cannot accept contact information for anyone that does not have the appropriate title. I will have many more jobs for anyone who can meet these requirements.

Thank you!

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