HubSpot Web Developer & Ongoing SEO/Site Maintenance

Job Posted: 06.10.2021 18:27:17

HubSpot Web Developer & Ongoing SEO/Site Maintenance

Must be skilled in designing websites with HubSpot web builder and integrating HubSpot CRM, Marketing Automation, calendar. Plus, be skilled in sound SEO practices.


-Design & build a website on the HubSpot web builder platform (transitioning content from current Kajabi site) so it can be easily managed and integrated with existing HubSpot CRM & Marketing Automation modules already under subscription.
-Work closely with Keke (Karen)-company founder (& branding consultant, as needed), to transition existing content to new HubSpot website platform
Design the new site to look/feel and contain similar functionality to a slimmed down version of this site: (also built in HubSpot).
-Maintain frequent communication on development and deployment throughout the project. Establish clearly what can be created and within what time frame.
-Incorporate appropriate SEO standards, and process for maintaining the security, plugins and updates to the website.
-Document instruction (perhaps via brief Loom video) for how the website can be edited with basic frequent additions like: new blog posts, adding new podcast episode recording, etc. that Keke or her assistant will want to be able to do themselves weekly/monthly.
-Ensure the website works well and is easily navigable on all browsers and mobile devices.
-Ensure local directories are backed up so that files can be recovered.
Additional Info:
-Current website which will provide much of the content, but just be slimmed down and tweaked a bit, is built in Kajabi which you can see here:
-We also have an updated logo and color scheme to incorporate into the new HubSpot website (you can preview that on my Linked In:
-We have a Branding Consultant who will work on the actual ‘content’ component with Keke – so any content development is out of scope for you.

Proposal Request:
-Please propose a Fixed Price Contract for the initial website development effort.
-THEN, a separate proposal for ongoing SEO, site maintenance/support etc.
-Let me know anything I’m missing. Happy to chat further via Zoom or phone to further define as necessary for you to propose what you recommend is the best approach

NOTE: Speed to delivery is of utmost importance…I’d rather have a slimmed-down version of the site ready faster than a more complex one (which, if needed, we can grow into later. Basically, I’ve got various lead gen/outreach activities going so need this in place quickly to adequately capture that value. THANK YOU!

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