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Job Posted: 15.09.2021 6:23:36

Hello! Sean here with Forward Design Buildings- I have a basic website on wix- I have a nice and clean social media account for my company- we are 3D printing homes in the USA- we want to get leads threw a funnel to get data on our potential customers-

We want to have people who click on an add, or hit our link on our IG to answer questions and pick design floor plans while answering questions for us-

Which floor plan do you want, traditional, modern, futurisic, net zero , green, all 4 options would have photos they could click that would get them to the next photo- Than it would show maybe 3 floor plans based on what design they picked , then they can pick a floor plan, 1,2,3 br rm,,, 1/2 car garage-

we would do this quite a few times , bath room 4 designs/ kitchen 4 designs repeat the process. and so on-interior, green walls vs tradition walls, large windows in the living room, small, round windows, etc etc

we are trying to figure out which floor plan people really really want, we also want to find out, what is most important to them, a net zero home with energy,(than a list of they must have things from a list for them to choose, a home they can move into within 3,6,9, months+ a home that costs 250,000/400/500K or Money doesnt matter- I want you to build my custom home and I want it know-

this is my Instagram-

i am not the person to do this- but i can write out the whole blue print, and give exact photos, interior options, and all photos from screen shot grabs-

we are just trying to get data and get it fast- I am trying not to review the data at all- I want someone who can set this us, and help track it for me, if you have experience with instagram social media/google adwords thats great- if not I will find that person when you tell me how to set this whole thing up

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