Find and download academic papers or book chapters on a detailed list I provide

Job Posted: 16.11.2021 4:33:11

**Need a 24-48 hour turnaround**

I have 34 peer-reviewed academic publication articles or book chapters that I’d like someone to find, download, and drop the downloaded files into a Google Drive or Dropbox folder that I’ll provide also.

I’ll provide an excel sheet that outlines the author names, title, publication, volume, and page numbers for these articles and book chapters, for example:

Names: Aguilera, Miguel; Alquézar, Carlos; Bedia, Manuel G;
Title: Agency and integrated information in a minimal sensorimotor model
Publication: Artificial Life Conference Proceedings
Page number: 396-403

***IMPORTANT*** You may need to have an active student account to access these academic publications since they are mostly gated behind paywall. Usually, universities have active paid subscriptions to the different publications and having a student account allows you to download these files if they are not part of an open-access, public journal /library.

All 34 articles or book chapters have in common is that they cite a list of papers / mentioned a specific author by name. So there maybe some clever Google search booleans queries that I can provide to help you find them in one search, vs. doing it one by one which is way too time-consuming. Let’s chat!

Sometimes the citation is a journal article paper so that’s easier to download the PDF for the whole paper. But other times the citation is a full book chapter which would be too many pages. In the latter case, I’d like us to take a screenshot of the book and the chapters list / table of contents page(s) only, and drop those images in a subfolder of the Google Drive folder I’ll provide.

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