Fill out contact us forms on websites and take screenshots that you email to us afterwards

Job Posted: 04.05.2021 15:43:09

we are hiring 30 people , each person will work independently.

after we hire everyone we will send a link to you with directions on who to contact, how to contact them (via contact us forms) , what to do (take screenshots of the forms when you input a message and another after you send the message)

you will find businesses that are listed on websites like yelp, or citysearch, then you will find the companies website, you will find there contact us form, you will enter a message take a screenshot, hit submit, then take a screenshot of the confirmation page.

we will give you a message to send and tell you what information to put on the forms.

if we escrow money for a milestone, or project you must accept the project within 24 hours or we will take back our job offer.

if a website does not have a contact us form then skip it, likewise if a business does not have a website then skip it.

it may be one or two days after you are hired before we send you work details as everyone will start on the same day,

good luck

the pay is $500 total via 100 milestones of $5 each , each milestone requires 850 different businesses to be contacted via contact us forms , with 2 screenshots taken each, the screenshots need to be emailed to the screenshot auditor after each milestone, after which they will be looked at and counted and then upon that verification you did the milestone correctly we release the milestone and give you a new milestone

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