Data processor with deep knowledge of SDGs needed

Job Posted: 09.10.2021 20:16:05

Assessing the SDGs progress for a small African country.

NornGuest Ventures has been hired as an
extern consultant by another company, whom have been contracted by the government of a small African country to make a digital data-platform geo-tagging and evaluating several social economic sectors in the entire country.

Sectors including:
Roads network etc.

Practically this is done with help from hundreds of locally employed data collectors whom are physically visiting, mapping and evaluating every single lightpole, borehole, farm etc. in the entire country.

I have suggested to the director of the operation that this is a golden opportunity to thoroughly asssess the progress of the sustainable development goals in the country.

What is the sustainable development goals?

– If you don’t already know the SDGs in depht this job is not for you.

The SDGs are 17 goals that most of the worlds independent states have pledged to strive for reaching by 2030 to achieve social, financial and environmental sustainability nationally and globally.

Each of the 17 goals have a number of clearly defined subtargets and indicators of how to measure these targets (169 in total)

The meta-data including definitons and data collection methods can be found for each sub-target on:

What I need help for, is to convert this meta data from each of the 169 targets indicators into concrete questions that can be added in a spreadsheet to the questionnaires that the surveyors in related sectors are carrying into the field.

This may not be possible for all of the targets, but for the targets than CAN be measured we can just as well do that while we’re rolling out this heavy operation.

It is essential that we can show the project director that this is possible ASAP so we might include it before we come to far into operations.

I personally do not have the IT skills not time to efficiently extract and convert the meta data into concrete questions in our existing questionnaires, but maybe you do?

Is this something you believe you’d be able to and interested in?

Feel free to ask questions.

Best regards
Charlie Uldahl Christensen
NornGuest Ventures

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