Data Entry / Order Processing Clerk for Daytime Hours

Job Posted: 08.05.2021 5:34:05

We are looking for someone to do data entry work. This work consists of three types of work:
1) product data entry into web base program
2) product classification
3) email processing

we are looking for someone available during standard daytime hours (10 AM CST starting time, 6PM CST ending time), Monday thru Friday. availability is the key for this role. This is an ongoing role.

task 1 is the top priority. When all assigned tasks for task type 1 have been processed, switch over to the 2nd task type and 3rd task type. you will have to switch between tasks regularly as tasks new tasks for type 1 come up.

Breakdown of task 1
– Clone product from product template
– Update four text fields
– Change a few radio buttons
– Copy/paste an HTML description into two fields. make minor changes as instructed
– Upload a few jpg pics
– Upload a PDF manual and PDF wiring diagram
– Update cost/price
– Save
– repeat
this task takes 2-5 minutes per product.

breakdown of task 2 – product classification work
– product information will be provided via web url, word doc, excel sheet, or PDF
– web app provides list of classifications to look for.
– extract data from information source and populate web app

breakdown of task 3 – process shared mailbox emails
– check if there is already and existing job in our job system
– if yes, check if it is the same job and just more information
– if yes add more info to notes. upload any attachments or pictures
– if no, create a new job. this may require setting up a new customer contact record
– copy/paste email body. identified any project #s or job #s from customer
– upload any attachments
– mark email complete
– repeat above until all emails have been processed

written instructions and video instructions are available for all tasks
work will be assigned in project management system

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