Credit Repair Admin and Lead Generation for very large company

Job Posted: 18.11.2021 20:30:45


Hello, we are a large network of over 1000 Real Estate and Mortgage Professionals. We have partnered with a large credit repair & financial services company: United Credit Education Services/United Wealth Education/Financial Education Services.

The most important initiative is to be able to procure and enroll customers who need credit repair by the following methods:
*Identify the best source of potential leads to market to
*Identify several free methods of generating leads
*Fielding those leads, converting as many as possible and enrolling them as clients.

Additional initiatives:
*Find the best email content to send to my AAA+ past client database and create email content to get leads and referrals from them.
*Identify what is not working, and what needs to be changed to have a consistent conversion
*Know when to set an appointment with One of us when it seems that will help convert the lead
*Know anything and everything about United Credit Education Services.
*research, find and network with other VA’s who are or have successfully generated any amount of leads for this service

All we need is to be able to generate just ONE lead and convert it. If the conversion rate is 1%, or only .25%, that is fine. We need someone who can, at all measures, put the product in front of people, and have 1 out of 500 minimum convert.

**Growth and Incentive** – Once we prove that we can generate and convert leads, we have capital to invest in systemizing that. There will be bonuses for leads converted, and that will likely be well over 6 figures pretty quickly, as we have hundreds of agents ready to sign on, if we can just prove leveraged lead generation.

**Leadership** – once we are consistently generating leads at any profit margin, even 2%, we will scale and build out nationwide. You will have the opportunity to hire, train, and lead up to 25 VA’s, and will get a very lucrative override on their production.

This could very quickly be a multi million dollar business within 4-6 month. All we have to do is identify that we are able to generate leads for the product, and convert at just a 2% or more profit margin.


PLEASE DO NOT APPLY if you are not certain you can do this. The pay will be based on your ability to quickly generate leads and convert. Do not bother if you are not an expert that can take this initiative and run with it, and come back with results.

Other Incentives:
**Health Insurance Benefits or reimbursement** – upon a certain level of growth/profit
**Retirement Options** – we will match up to 100% of your retirement contributions based on production levels, that we will be sure are realistic
**Paid Vacations for you and Family** – we are fun to work with. If we succeed, we will make sure you have the best quality of life.

I will say it again, this is the biggest opportunity for fast growth I’ve ever seen. If you can help us accomplish this 1 small goal, convert just 1 generated lead that enrolls in the service, and be able to duplicate it, this will be a life changing experience!

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