continuous eBay research 

Job Posted: 16.11.2021 2:19:57

Product Search
1. Go to Ebay Seller HUB, under reseach
2. Enter Keyword, select Filter (County, Price and Fixed)
3. Find the most sell items
4. Open and sellect ship to US
5. Shorten URL to find more result
6. Select the cheapest and copy the item number in column AB
7. Copy result and shorten link (bitsy) and Paste in excel E
8. Find Cheapest Product in JAPAN
9. Enter Purchase Price K (Japan Store)
10. copy URL and shorten paste in Column D
11. Select EC site
12. Enter Selling Price O (ebay price)
13. Enter weight or CBM (cm), whichever is higher
14. Sellect Ship (Fedex,DHL)
15. Check Column I, if negative don’t continue
16. If profitable go to column T and get the FVF
17. Select the last listed category
18. Copy the number beside the latest category
19. Paste the number in column T under category
20. Select the number appear in FVF
21. Copy the product name (Japan) in Column W
22. Enter your name in column Y
23. Fill in the condition (new or used)
24. Enter the dates every start of new enter for reference.

Conditions of Application

・Who can work more than five days a week?

Don’t hesitate to speak their Don Japanese.
*Reading comprehension is not necessary, but domestic sites are in Japanese.
*If you can use Google Translate, you don’t need Japanese ability.

・People who can use spreadsheets
・There is a video manual.

[fee] ・
$0.2 per point $100 per point = $20

[How to apply] ・Please introduce yourself

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