Bill collectors wanted – You must live in the U.S. – Must be able to call worldwide

Job Posted: 11.09.2021 14:09:12

Follow up with collecting on outstanding payments.(Bill collecting)

I’m looking for someone that has experience with calling customers and getting them to make payments on outstanding bills that they have.

We sell courses and programs for business owners and every once in a while we’ll get a customer who miss or defaults on their payment plan.

Often times they miss a payment unintentionally and due to their credit card expiring or simply needing to update their card or billing address.

I’m looking for someone that will be able to call these people and get them back on track with making their payments.

We have a GREAT community of customers that we are very close with and that mean a lot to us, so when joining our team you must be someone who understands that we treat our customers with respect, we do not harass them and want them to continue to be a part of our family of people forever. The only way that you accomplish that is by treating them well, so it is VERY important to us that you are someone who is kind when dealing with others. We have a VERY close knit and connected audience who will tell us if they are treated outside of what we typically give them because anything less will stand out to them like a sore thumb.

This job pays $5.00 an hour, and 10% of each amount collected. For example, let’s say you collect on a $500.00 bill for the day, you will have earned $55.00. (That’s 10% of the $500.00 bill, plus your $5- hourly wage).

Our out standing bills range from $500- to $5,000.00 giving you the opportunity to make as much as $500.00 from a single collected call.

Required work days and times
You will be required to work 1 hour a day, 7 days a week. (Due to collection calling laws you can only call between the hours of 8am and 9pm each day)

Secondly, because we have customers around the world, in different time zones you must be able to make international calls as well as domestic). So that I know you have read this project post in it’s entirety and are able to follow simply instructions, please mention the words “Fast Pass” at the very beginning of your reply when bidding

Job expectancy
Once a customer agrees to make payment, you will be required to update their billing details in our CRM(we use infusionsoft) and process the payment and inform the customer that their payment has been processed and payment plan updated. Ideally you’ll process the payment while the customer is still in the phone you.

You will be provided with a phone script to read from as well.

Last but not least, due to the fact that you will be handling sensitive customer information such as their addresses and credit card numbers you must be willing to undergo a background check before being hired.

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