2 min Zoom Video/Audio Record about your opinion on what’s important on a baby/child’s development –

Job Posted: 02.10.2021 6:11:41

Easy job for new or experienced freelancer.

I am doing a exploratory research on parenting & education difference between the West (White, Black, Hispanic) & East (Asian cultures).

For this specific job posting, I am looking for White/Caucasians who have kids.
(when you apply, in order to make sure you are the right candidate (white with kids), would like either a picture or we can simply zoom and you can hold a picture (any picture) that shows you and your kids. I can also show a picture of myself and my kid to establish trust 🙂

Next, go on zoom, showing yourself (so we know you are white haha), and literally follow this script below. (short scripted intro, and then directly answer the prompt)

Start your video recording by saying,

“Hey Fei yan,

I am very happy to share my parenting opinion with Chinese parents such as you.

Then DIRECTLY ANSWER THE PROMPT for 2 mins. (there is no right/wrong answer. you can speak however style, format you want, as long as you are answering the prompt. There is only 1 prompt).

The prompt is:
Nowadays, Asian parents treat scores very important. So in America, what kind of character or abilities do you look for or feel are vital that your baby/toddler/children/kids should exhibit/learn/grow.

That is it.
2 min video. for educational purpose to obtain real responses who can share opinions on what they feel are important that your kids should learn or develop (intelligence? scores? abilities? sports? music?, hospitality? learn certain words? critical thinking? whatever you can think of)

If you need help learning how to record on Zoom, it is very simple. I can teach/show you. But there is a ‘Record’ button. Make sure you turn video & audio on.

Let me know if you have question.

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